Things to Consider About Online Reputation Management

No matter whether it is a business that is looking to thrive or a celebrity who is trying to clean up the negativity that is attached to their name online reputation management is not something that can be done without professional help. This is the same way that a person who wants a tattoo is not going to do it their self they are going to go to a professional unless they are who because the professional is going to provide the best outcome for you. Although that is not to say that one cannot provide the best outcome for their selves but just as the famous Maya Angelou once stated “when you know better you do better” and after all we all as human beings just want the best that life simply has to offer us.

Nothing is ever actually erased from the internet. While celebrities who tend to get into a lot of trouble think they can erase it and act as if it never existed in real life that is not the case. Yes, people who provide online reputation management do get rid of the negative online results attached to your company and/or name but the way they do it is the same way we would have thought to “clean” our room as kids by sweeping the dirt under the rug. It just gets moved from one location to another, our parents would say pick up that mess and we might stuff it in the back of the closet or kick it under the rug but it still exists.


One of the most important things to understand when dealing with online reputation management is that not all bad criticism is bad criticism. What I mean is that constructive criticism is real and it comes from listening to the bad things about yourself that may or may not be true. The review someone left about a leak that happened in the back of a restaurant which is causing a pungent smell may be helpful to the owner who otherwise might not even known that is was doing so. Even a review about the todays special which did not taste too good or did not seem well cooked can be incentive for the owner to make sure the cooks do a better job the next time that the dish is being served.